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Yard Signs

Custom Yard Signs

Advertise Your Brand With Custom Yard Signs!

Use SignsOnTheCheap to design and order custom yard signs to amplify your company! Custom yard signs are a great opportunity to get the word out about your brand or business. Our signs are printed with UV inks for longer lasting color vibrancy. No matter what material you select for your signs, we prioritize sourcing high quality material with industry standard durability. We print your signs on demand and at any quantity you may need!

Lawn signs provide an excellent advertising opportunity while being cost effective and easy to use. With a variety of sizes and options for your yard signs, we provide options to fit any budget and any marketing goal. Let SignsOnTheCheap help boost your brand!

UV Ink Printing and Weather Resistant Materials

Along with full customizability, all of our yard signs are ready to be out in the elements! With a wide variety of materials available for your signage, you control the price point and durability so your yard signs fit your exact needs. Choose corrugated plastic if you are looking for an economical and more temporary sign, or choose one of our aluminum options for extreme durability! No matter what material you choose, all our signs are printed with UV inks are fade resistant and help ensure your sign’s colors pop throughout their lifetime. All our lawn signs are expected to withstand typical outdoor weather conditions… rain or shine, hot or cold!

Choose Your Delivery Speed!

At SignsOnTheCheap we understand that sometimes you need signs FAST and other times you might be planning ahead for a specific marketing push. Whatever your timeline, we have a shipping option to help ensure you get your signs when you need them. Upon checkout you will see options that ship your new lawn signs via ground or air! Regardless of the method you choose to ship, our goal is to have your signs produced and ready to ship one business day after your order is placed!

Customize Your Sign

Your business deserves a custom sign that reflects your brand and personality. Make your advertising visions a reality in our design tool! Not sure what to put on your sign? No worries! We have a library of pre-designed templates to help get the ball rolling. All of this customization can be done online in a short amount of time.

Full Color Signs That You Create!

Every brand and business strives to have an identity all their own. Full color printing paired with full design control makes sure that you are able to create signage that speaks directly to your target audience. Our design tool gives you the opportunity to upload a fully made design, or let your creativity flow by starting with a blank template. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our library of lawn sign templates. Choose a starting template, and enjoy the ability to fully customize color, text, and clipart to make it your own! Our design tool will also let you upload your business’ logo so it is uniquely yours.

Single or Double Sided, The Choice is Yours!

No matter what material you choose, all our business signs are available as single sided or double sided. Single sided signs will be printed on one side, while the other side remains blank. For most scenarios, we recommend the upgrade to double sided signs with your design printed on front and back. Double sided signs ensure your yard sign is visible to traffic from both directions. Once you complete your sign’s design, you’ll be presented with the option to upgrade to a double sided sign. If you choose to go this route, you can either choose to have the same design front and back, or you can customize each side to be unique!

Displaying Your Sign

SignsOnTheCheap offers multiple options when it comes to displaying your custom yard sign. Many customers who are using yard signs for advertising opt for corrugated plastic signs that can be paired with either wire stakes or a heavy duty aluminum frame. Wire stakes provide easy installation at our most economical price point. Metal frames provide an upscale display option and increased durability for longer term display needs.

Care and Cleaning

Both our corrugated plastic and aluminum signs do not need extensive care, but from time to time need a little sprucing up. When needed, wipe down your sign with a soft cloth and lukewarm water to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid using soaps, chemicals, or high pressure water as these could negatively impact your sign’s print and longevity.

Material Information

Corrugated Plastic

Most customers seeking to advertise with yard signs choose our 4mm corrugated plastic material. The typical lifespan of a corrugated plastic sign in typical conditions is 1 year. This economical sign option is suitable for outdoor advertising and holds up well in non-extreme weather conditions. All our corrugated plastic signs are made from white corrugated plastic and we will print your custom design with UV resistant inks. UV resistant ink helps keep your sign’s colors vibrant even when exposed to sunlight. Corrugated plastic signs are compatible with both wire stakes (the most price conscious option) and metal frames.


Aluminum signs are the best option if you are looking for durable and long lasting yard signs. While you will notice a significant price point difference between aluminum and corrugated plastic, overall lifespan and versatility open up the opportunity for long term advertising. These signs are weatherproof, rust resistant, more rigid than their corrugated plastic counterparts, and are printed with our UV resistant inks. Our 0.040 aluminum signs are about the thickness of a dime, and if desired, an upgrade to our 0.063 aluminum provides an even sturdier metal sign option. All aluminum signs come with rounded corners for safety and aesthetics. Metal frames of posts are suggested for displaying an aluminum yard sign.


While we do not recommend PVC for outdoor lawn signs or advertising, it is a great material for any indoor signage needs you may have. PVC signage is best suited for indoor use, and our 3mm thick PVC board provides a sleek and smooth printing surface to give your sign a professional look. These signs look great on a correctly sized easel, or leaned against a solid surface. PVC signs will enjoy a long lifespan when used indoors with proper care. They are great for indoor events or advertising!